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Hello there (:
Welcome to my page & do enjoy your stay!

chinese-canadian | female | nineteen | glasses

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  • Listening to: The 1st Album XOXO - EXO
Holy crap.

Three years is a hell of a long time and I've obviously forgotten how much I hate proportions. Like actually. I don't deeply dislike proportions. I hate its very existence, its very essence. D: Proportions can take a swan dive into SM's cellar of no return (home to things like f(x)'s comeback, SM the Ballad's Jino & the Wolf drama MV) AND NEVER DARKEN MY DOOR AGAIN. k thx bai (truthfully, I'll probably be begging for proportions' forgiveness and cooperation once I realize its necessity in realism haaha..ha..ha.). In all seriousness though, if I think back, that's probably why I preferred to art 'cutely' with chibis rather than realistically since I never took art class to properly learn realism/artsy techniques (oh let me go back to 9th grade just to take art for a semester, please?).

Trust Jongdae and his ridiculously well structured face (i h8 yew so much chenchen like wtf mai emotes ugh) to bring out the hibernating perfectionist in me. My whole bed/floor/puppy/self/world is buried under eraser shavings and sketchbook scraps & it's finally now that I'm remembering how much fun/frustrating art was! So far so good though, there's been progress! :D

Pretty sure everyone in the house is tired of hearing the XOXO album by now, considering I've had it on repeat for practically the whole day as I sketched for motivation & inspiration (sorry, it's for a good cause..? <3)

If you're still around, I've just wasted a couple minutes of your life that you'll never get back. Sorry~! 
(but not really, hearts all around <33333 does this make it better? no? okay.)

I probably won't be finished this bb for a while (I art really slowly, don't judge me o_o) so.. 
Should I post up a WIP? (; 

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Ahhhh Sorry for the really late reply but thank you for the fav! >__<


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you're welcome (:
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happy birthday dear!! :iconmonkeyloveplz:
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thanks <3
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